But What About the Easter Bunny?

Easter Eggs {Life as a Field Trip}

But there’s still dye left!

My son and I both had a day off on Friday. It was the perfect time to finally make Easter eggs, but we had only 7 eggs in the fridge. We left a few eggs to soak in the dye and headed to Target for more eggs. As we walked through the automatic doors and towards the Dollar Spot (always the Dollar Spot!) P said, “We should make an Easter Basket for the Easter Bunny. He never gets an Easter Basket because he’s delivering them to everyone else!” So a new tradition was born. We bought a few small things and dug out a previous year’s basket and voila! We’re ready for the Easter Bunny.

Easter Bunny Basket {Life as a Field Trip}

I’m told the Easter Bunny loved finding his own Easter Basket this year.

Then it was back home and back to dying eggs. I got to decorate one. When we ran out of eggs I asked P to pour the colored water into the sink. “But we could do something with it!” He said. Of course, as a creative thinker, he couldn’t just throw perfectly good dye down the drain!Easter Egg Dye {Life as a Field Trip}“Okay, what could we use it for?” “I don’t know…” The gears were clearly turning, “We could dip paper in it and make tie dye paper.” Easter Egg Dye napkins 2 {Life as a Field Trip} So we did. We unfolded “fancy” napkins, twisted them up and dipped them in the egg cups. They turned out so cool! Easter Egg Dye napkins  {Life as a Field Trip} We’re already planning to get some of those egg dye kits on clearance for next year and P is dreaming up new dye projects. tie dye paper napkins {Life as a Field Trip} Now that napkins are dry, we can see they’ll make perfect “tissue paper” for Mother’s Day gifts this year.

Happy Easter!
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    • Terra says

      Thanks, Neva! I can’t take credit though, my parents raised me to think creatively. I’m just passing it on ;)

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