GPS + Easter = Sweet Success!

Easter Egg Hunt GPS geocaching

Looking pretty pleased at finding a set of coordinates at one of his favorite parks.

The Great GPS Egg Hunt was eggcellent!

Easter egg hunt, GPS, geocaching

Is it wrong that I waited in the car while he searched in the rain?

What we loved:

  • It wasn’t over in a flash. The egg hunt lasted one and a half hours.
  • We spent some great time together. We laughed A LOT.
  • P, though sometimes frustrated, got a lot of practice giving directions (left and right can still be a challenge) and reading the map on the Google Maps app.
  • it was a low pressure opportunity to rely on persistence and handling frustration. It was especially helpful that he knew there was a basket of goodies at the end of the hunt.
Easter Egg Wrap Up01

Driving around town hiding eggs on Easter Eve only made me look a *little* suspicious…

What I’d do differently next time:

  • Test out the coordinates to be sure they were accurate. I had to claim to have gotten more detailed directions from the Easter Bunny twice because the coordinates were just off enough that P would have been looking forever to find that egg…
  • Add a clue with each of the coordinates to help P start looking in the right area. I always parked close to the egg’s location, but every single time we stopped at one of the locations, he took off looking in the opposite direction.
  • Add more stops. We didn’t want it to end!

Terra @ Life as a Field Trip

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  1. says

    This was an amazing adventure for both of you. It’s too bad that it was raining, although P didn’t seem to mind at all.

    You’ve got my curiosity now, “Favre Family Miracle Recreation Area?” The only Favre I know of it Brett Favre. I’ve just got to know the rest of the story on this sign.

    • Terra says

      Is is Brett Favre (and Family). Their contributions (and another area family) made possible a the recreation area (playground) and baseball diamond especially designed for children with mental or physical challenges. It’s pretty cool!

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