The Good Things Mother’s Day Gift

Our New Year’s Good Things Jar is stuffed full and it’s only April. We have to keep smooshing our good things down to make more good things fit!

Mother's Day, Good Things Jar, craft

The jar worked so well for us that my son and I thought it would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift for my mom (his Grandma). It’ll be the perfect jar for Grandma, Grandpa and P to write down their “good things” during P’s weekly visits. We can also add more good things at birthday celebrations and Thanksgiving dinner. Then every Mother’s Day my mom can empty the jar. We can read them together and relive those great memories.

It was super easy and frugal to make. We had all the supplies on hand except the jar, which I found in Goodwill at just the right time.

  1. Pencil
  2. Pad of paper or scraps of paper
  3. Ribbon
  4. Chalkboard label or homemade label
  5. Jar

We decided to write “Grandma’s Good Things” in chalk on the label. Then we just tried one end of the ribbon under the lip of the jar and the other end of the ribbon around the pencil and it was ready to go!

Mother's Day, Good Things Jar, gifts, crafts

tie dye paper napkins {Life as a Field Trip}

Of course, we use the tie-dyed napkins we made with the Easter egg to wrap the gift!

Keeping memories in a jar is the perfect gift for moms on Mother’s Day, but the Good Things Jar doesn’t have to be limited to New Year’s Day or Mother’s Day. It would make a good gift for a birthday, too.

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11 thoughts on “The Good Things Mother’s Day Gift

    1. Terra Post author

      Based on your posts, I’m sure he’ll have plenty of good things to write about and put in your jar!

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