{The Great GPS Easter Basket Hunt}

The Great GPS Easter Egg Hunt {Life as a Field Trip}

Real life learning on Easter?

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This Moment

Inspired by Daftly Domestic, who was inspired by SouleMama. A single photo to capture a moment from the week. A photo showing a simple, special moment that I want to remember. It dovetails perfectly with the fieldtrip life.

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Mom, When’s the Last Time You Showered?

 Hidden Messages We Send OUr Children [Life as a Field Trip}

“Mom, you haven’t taken a shower on a weekday in a long time.”

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The Bean Cycle Experience, What! What!*

Bean Cycle {Life as a Field Trip}

Have you ever walked into a place, looked around and gave a satisfied sigh, thinking “This is where I belong”? The Bean Cycle is one of those places for me.

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Wordless Wednesday- Son, meet the 90s.

Wordless Wednesday {Life as a Field Trip}