The Lazy Mom’s Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf 01
Poor Elf-vis unwillingly got a jump-start on the game of hide and seek with the other stuffed animals jammed between the bed and the wall.

Hide and Seek with Elf on the Shelf

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Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition: Week Ten

Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition {Life as a FIeld Trip}

We did it! Week ten is our wrap up week. We actually finished our ten-week Lewis and Clark Summer Expedition in September. I have (ahem) been, er, hard at work polishing up this post. Ahem. Originally we were going to do something related to the Lewis & Clark expedition’s time in Oregon and Washington, but we found ourselves looking at our own summer expedition experience as a whole: what we did, what we learned and where we went. Continue reading

The Sport of Sleeping Over

Our carefully planned evening came apart in 22 minutes. I knew immediately that I wanted out. Desperately. I think I may have actually whispered to myself, “What have I done?” as one might if they accidentally spilled a container of radioactive material. I don’t know about radioactive, but I was pretty sure I’d unleashed the world’s mischievousness in Pandora’s Sleepover Box. I had very little hope of reclaiming my footing. Certainly no hope for a well-planned and organized sleepover.

One of the rare quiet moments.
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No-Sew Cub Scout Hanging Organizer


No Sew Cub Scouts Hanging Organizer {Life as a Field Trip}

I had all four wisdom teeth out yesterday. I was supposed to take it easy and rest up to speed the healing process. I made it through several episodes of Doctor Who and Castle and a nap. After just seven hours I had to do something. I figured a little low-key crafting couldn’t hurt. I started scrolling through Pinterest and I found the crafty inspiration I was looking for. You can see the original here. There was only a photo, no link to instructions, no one to give credit to, but boy am I glad I saw it. Continue reading

To write or not to write, that’s a silly question

Notebook writing
Riding a Greyhound bus for 36 hours to Tampa Bay makes for lots of writing material.

Just because you can do something, should you? I wondered to myself while waiting in the lower level of the library for what I expected to be a sort of So You Want to be Published class to begin. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be published,  but I’ve always written. It started with stories, of course. Then diaries in third grade or so. I continued journaling my entire life. There were creative writing classes in elementary, middle and high school. Even at University. Once I became a mother, I started writing for my blog and lately I began writing pieces for WhooNEW. I’m full of words and they just keep pouring out onto the page, any page. Continue reading