How an Open Mind Can Improve Family Time

reading poolThe night before my son’s big birthday sleepover at the local Ramada, I stumbled on the hotel’s Yelp reviews. I did a little “yelp!” myself. My heart sank as I read bad review after bad review from just days before. The hotel was worn, dated and unclean. More importantly the main water slide was out of order for repairs. As I scrolled through the bad reviews I tried to quickly think of an alternative. The main water slide was the whole point of staying in a hotel. We had a nonrefundable reservation. What to do?

I decided not to do or say anything. I couldn’t do anything to change the situation and I couldn’t say anything to make it better. True, it was my son’s birthday present, but learning to deal with disappointment, and just plain being flexible, is important, too. I decided to lower my own room standards and tough it out. I was there for my son, after all. If he had to deal with disappointment, I could, too. So I kept my mouth shut.

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Five Handmade Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones

Five Handmade Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones {Life as a Field Trip}

1. Chalkboard Cards

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Wordless Wednesday- Historic Hazelwood’s Holiday Victorian Tea

Mark Your Calendar for Next Year's Holiday Tea- Hazelwood Historic House

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One Thing You Need to Do to Thrive (Not Just Survive) This Winter

There aren’t many of my kind (the rare winter-loving kind) in these parts, which seems weird. It’s Wisconsin. Winter lasts  at least five months. You’d think at some point Wisconsinites would get past the cold and snow and try to make the most of it. But mostly people spend the winter months miserable, cranky and complaining about the weather.

One Thing You Need to Do to Thrive, Not Just Survive, This Winter

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How to Rock Christmas Crayon Art with Poinsettias and a Hair Dryer

 How to Rock Christmas Crayon Art {Life as a Field Trip}

A friend posted this summery melted-crayon craft on my Facebook page last week. We haven’t tried the melted crayon thing yet…unless you count my son microwaving crayons on a paper plate because I wouldn’t do the melt-crayons-with-a-hair-dryer thing. Melted crayons on a paper plate aren’t very exciting, but the more I looked at the flower post, the more I thought we should do it. We just needed to tweak it a little to make it a great handmade Christmas gift. We: Continue reading