Cranespotting in Nebraska


This was a true case of making an effort to find the adventure in the field trip. We were driving through Nebraska on our way home from Colorado during the tail end of the Sandhill Crane migration.
Did we actually see any Sandhill Cranes on out Sandhill Crane walk? No. There were hundreds of cranes in the cornfields on either side of the road as we drove into the state park. We could hear their distinct trilling really well when we stepped out of the car, binoculars at the ready.

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Burger King & Texting in the Philippines

There are so many things I didn’t take pictures of on my trip to the Philippines. I had a film camera and I had to carefully ration my rolls of film. Even considering I used rolls of film, I still took far more photos than most people took on vacation. And I still didn’t take photos of things like teens using cellphones for texting instead of talking. It blew my mind then.

Burger King & Texting in the Philippines

Notice the 2000-version of me is holding a 35 mm camera and NO cellphone.

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SurvivalCraft Easter Egg Challenge

Every year I put together a fun Easter Egg Hunt for my son. Last year it was a GPS Easter egg hunt. The year before that was a Crack the Easter Code egg hunt. I like to make the boy work to find that big old basket of candy!

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Silencing the Cow

The Cow the Wouldn't Shut Up {Life as a Field Trip}

It’s an innocent-looking cow isn’t it? Trust me; it’s more Chucky than cute. It was supposed to be motion activated and moo. Until that fateful moment when I pulled that battery’s protective slip out and it started working, I thought it would be the perfect decoration at an upcoming event. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday- The Traditional Greek Kitchen

Meteora,Greece {Life as a Field Trip}

The Great Meteoron Monastery.

In January 1999 I went on a university between-semesters travel course to Greece and Turkey. On one of the first days of our adventure, we spent hours in the tour bus heading for the amazing Meteora rock formations. My trusty DK Eyewitness travel guide to Greece hadn’t prepared me for the beautiful landscape. My mouth hung open and my camera never stopped clicking away as the bus wound it’s way back and forth on high, narrow roads, with no guard rail.

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