No-Sew Cub Scout Hanging Organizer

I had all four wisdom teeth out yesterday. I was supposed to take it easy and rest up to speed the healing process. I made it through several episodes of Doctor Who and Castle and a nap. After just seven hours I had to do something. I figured a little low-key crafting couldn’t hurt. I started scrolling through Pinterest and I found the crafty inspiration I was looking for. You can see the original here. There was only a photo, no link to instructions, no one to give credit to, but boy am I glad I saw it.

Be Prepared

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To write or not to write, that’s a silly question

Notebook writing
Riding a Greyhound bus for 36 hours to Tampa Bay makes for lots of writing material.

Just because you can do something, should you? I wondered to myself while waiting in the lower level of the library for what I expected to be a sort of So You Want to be Published class to begin. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be published,  but I’ve always written. It started with stories, of course. Then diaries in third grade or so. I continued journaling my entire life. There were creative writing classes in elementary, middle and high school. Even at University. Once I became a mother, I started writing for my blog and lately I began writing pieces for WhooNEW. I’m full of words and they just keep pouring out onto the page, any page. Continue reading

Field Trip: Big John and the Iron Mine

Iron Mountain Iron Mine Life as a Field Trip 18

I went on my first mine tour when I was a teenager. We were on a family vacation in the Keeweenaw Peninsula of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. My brother and I liked the tour of the copper mine so much we struck out on our own later on for a different mine tour.

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at la Biblioteca

Last year we “celebrated” Hispanic Heritage Month at the Neville Public Museum for the opening of their new exhibit, Out of the Shadows. The exhibit featured Hispanic Americans living in Brown County, Wisconsin. My son was one of the residents featured in the exhibit. This year we’re celebrating a little more simply with tortilla and piñata making at the library.

Hispanic Heritage Month  {Life as a Field Trip}
My son presses the masa to make a tortilla.
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Saturday: Field Trip in Progress

Field Trip in Progress {Life as a Field Trip}