Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition: Week Nine

Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition for Kids {Life as a Field Trip}

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Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition: Week Eight

Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition for Kids {Life as a Field Trip}This week lands us in Idaho where the original expedition met the Lemhi
Shoshoni, led by Sacagawea’s brother. Sacagawea was originally from the area that is now known as Idaho, but was kidnapped by Hidatsa Indians and sold to Toussaint Charboneau.

Before the Lewis and Clark expedition, fur traders (like Sacagawea’s husband, Toussaint Charboneau) were often the only Europeans that had already been to the places on the expedition’s route. This week’s activities revolve around the fur trade. Continue reading

Easy Chalkboard Greeting Cards

Chalkboard Greeting Cards {Life as a Field Trip}

For six glorious weeks this summer we had a talented teen helping us at the library with everything from programs to decorations. We especially loved her gorgeous chalk sidewalk art.  On Friday we threw together a chalk-themed gift for her. I liked the ‘card’ so well I thought I’d share it with you.

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Field Trip: Hazelwood Historic House with Kids

I won’t lie. My son did not want to come with me to tour Hazelwood Historic House Museum. In the end, finding a time when both of us could go and forcing him to come with me was just too much work. I went alone and I loved it.

Looking at the1800s Greek Revival house filled with antiques, it’s not immediately clear that Hazelwood is a good field trip destination for adults as well as kids. With a bit of a perspective change it’s perfect for kids. Here’s why. Continue reading

Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition: Week Seven

Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition for Kids {Life as a Field Trip}How’s the Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition going so far? I’m not going to lie. Sometimes it’s tough squeezing it all in every week, but it is working. P is getting more reading and writing in this summer than he would have without it and we’re both having fun!

Lewis & Clark not only needed to collect plant and animal specimens and get to know American Indian nations, they also had to map the newest addition to the United States: the Louisiana Territory.  As our summer expedition is working its way through Montana, we’ll do a little mapping of our own. Continue reading