Mom’s Day Off or I Heart Sleepovers

Mom's Day Off Life as a Field Trip

As I write this our eight-year-old is at a sleepover. It’s kind of like getting the parent’s version of a day off, right? But a day off of what, exactly?

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Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition: Week Four

Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition {Life as a Field Trip}

Did you think we bailed on the Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition? I don’t blame you. It’s been awhile, but we finally managed to complete Week Three’s animal tracks activity. It rained quite a bit over the 4th of July weekend, making it ideal for spotting them. Now we’re reading for Week Four as the expedition heads into Iowa.

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Where’s Grandpa? A hidden pictures game for family

Where's Grandpa: A Hidden pictures game for family | Life as a Field Trip

It all started with photos of my dad trimming trees.

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Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition: Week Three

Lewis & Clark Summer Expedition {Life as a FIeld Trip}

The Best Laid Plans

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White Lies & Water Slides

White Lies & Waterslide: Modeling good behavior {Life as a Field Trip}

There was mumbling among the adults as we got ready to go to the pool. You know the kind of mumbling I’m talking about; when adults are discussing something they don’t want the kids to hear so they mumble pieces of the conversation when they think the kids are out of earshot. Why were we mumbling? We were trying to convince ourselves it was okay to lie.

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